Best cat food brands 💖
Below you’ll find a list of brands and products that I use with Jericho, my mother’s four cats, and myself to optimize our health. I’ve tried and used almost everything on this list.

Many of the links below are affiliate links. That means, if you click through and make a purchase, I earn a commission on that sale. No additional cost to you.

All commissions go right back into my business. This helps me to continue to create content that helps you feed your cats better. Thank you for your support!

All foods below have made it on Susan Thixton’s 2023 list, are made with human-grade quality ingredients, batch testing is performed, and all packaging is BPA-free.

Wet food
💖 Raised Right - use code PETS20 for 20% off your first box. Note: Suitable for adult cats only.

💖 Smalls - use code CATICLES for $5 off your first box. Note: Only their wet food is human-grade.

💖 Just Food for Cats - Use that link to get 35% off your first autoship order. Suitable for adult cats only.

Complete raw♥️ Quest Cat Food - Freeze-dried. Use code JESSCATICLES for 20% off.

♥️ The Simple Food Project - Freeze-dried. For adult cats only.

♥️ Viva Raw - Frozen ground. Use code JESSCATICLES for 20% off.

♥️ Darwin's - Frozen ground. Use that link, tell them about your cat, and get 10 lbs for just $14.95.

Homemade raw
🥩 Hare Today - Freeze-dried raw and frozen ground. Use my PDF guide for instructions.

Food for both of you
🥩 White Oak Pastures - Use that link to get $20 off your purchase of $150+. Note: Their pet mixes are not complete and balanced.

Scratching post
😻 Purrfect Post

💦 Tap Score - Test your water quality at home. Use code CATICLES to get $10 off your purchase of $100+.

💦 AquaTru - Countertop RO filter. Removes disinfection by-products and creates the perfect pH for cat drinking water. Buy the Glass carafe model (10% off with that link). Or the Classic model (10% off plus a free 1-year filter pack with that link).

🔬 Affordable Pet Labs - Test your cat's urine and feces at home. Use that link to get 10% off.

🏮 Novaa Lab Extra Strength - Red light therapy device for acute and chronic issues. Use code JESSCATICLES to get 10% off.