Best litter box setup 🚽
Where do I put the litter box?In a quiet, low-traffic, private area. However, make sure the area is open and easy to access. For example, do not stuff your cat's litter box in a closet.

What about multiple cats?One box per cat, plus extra.

What cat litter should I use?Unscented, naturally clumping.

How do I keep the litter area clean?Scoop the waste after your cat goes and clean it out completely once weekly. Watch the video below to see my routine.

What litter products do you use?Watch the video below for my exact setup. Then scroll down on this page for quick shopping links.

What litter products do you use?Below you'll find a list of litter box products that I use. These links are affiliate links. That means, if you click and buy something, I earn a commission on that sale.

Buy on Amazon:US

Ripple Rug bottom only

Buy on Chewy: Stainless steel box
Litter mat
Waste bags
Door Buddy (to keep dogs and children out)

Buy on Pets Warehouse: Litter
Waste bags

In-home testing:
Test urine and feces with Affordable Pet Labs. Use that link and get 10% off.

Test your water quality as well! I use Tap Score. Use code CATICLES for $10 off your purchase $100+.