How to properly feed your cat 🥩
What is the best cat food?Cats are obligate carnivores. Therefore, the healthiest way to feed a cat is a 100% high moisture, high meat-based protein, and low-carb diet. Wild cats eat whole prey. So I believe a balanced homemade raw diet is the best cat food because it's the closest that we can get to whole prey. Unless you're like me and feed whole prey!

How do I feed my cat properly?Feed portioned meals at scheduled mealtimes. Feeding portioned meals are important because this will help your cat stay at an ideal weight. Scheduled mealtimes are important because it is unnatural for cats to graze on food all day. They are hunters, not cows.

Additionally, cats thrive on routine. They prefer predictability in their lives. Feeding at scheduled mealtimes can help decrease stress and behavior issues.

How often should I feed my cat?How often you feed your cat depends on your schedule and your cat's needs. I feed Jericho two scheduled mealtimes daily, approximately 12 hours apart. I believe this is the best approach because typically cats would hunt at dawn and dusk when their prey are most active.

How much do I feed my cat?Feed your cat as much of a natural cat diet as is required to maintain an ideal weight. There is no magic number that I can tell you because every cat is different and every food is different.

You must use these tools:

  1. Your cat's weight
  2. Body condition score card
  3. Muscle-scoring card
  4. Cat food label

Your cat's weight gives you a number to go by. Body condition and muscle-scoring cards show you if your cat is underweight, ideal, or overweight. Use the cat food label as a general guide. 

Weigh your cat weekly and adjust as necessary.

Please go through my picky cat transition plan for more help.

What about feeding kittens?Kittens should eat as often as they want. Typically 4-5 meals per day until they reach 6 months. After 6 months, you can transition down to 3 meals and then 2 meals daily.

Kittens should eat as much food as required for their adult projected weight. For example, your kitten may not weigh 10 pounds right now. But that is likely his adult projected weight. So you should feed the amount of food required for a 10-pound cat.

Please go through my kitten care guide for more help.