Your cat isn't the only picky cat in the world - I purrromise!
Why is my cat picky?Cats are creatures of habit that do not like change. This is a wild instinct that all cats have. Even if your cat has never been outside.

Picky on dry and wet foodAll types of dry food and most wet canned foods are the opposite of what cats eat in the wild. High carb and low in meat-based protein. So manufacturers create flavor enhancer palatants to make cats attracted to the food. 

These palatants make the cat eat more of the food so that it's actually nutritious. But cats often develop an addiction to these palatants. So now your cat that already does not like change does not want to accept new food that doesn't have these palatants.

Picky on raw foodCats are finicky about freshness and smells. Their noses are 40x stronger than ours! Perhaps the food is off or you're changing things too quickly. I like to keep salmon treats on hand whenever Jericho gets picky. 

Picky cat transition planOn top of not liking changes cats are also sensitive to changes. Their digestive system gets used to processing the same foods daily. So when we switch it up cold turkey 😼 we can cause GI problems.

My plan includes:

  1. Scheduled mealtimes
  2. Replace treats
  3. Healthy food toppers
  4. Transition food

Please take your time and do not move on to the next step until the first step is completed.
I have free guides on YouTube that go deeper into this plan. 

Or if you prefer to pay for the convenience of having everything in one place plus planners, trackers, and cheat sheets to fast-track your success, check out my Switch Your Cat to Raw eBook - available as a printable and digital planner