Cat weight loss program 
ImportantOverweight and obese cats should not lose too much weight too quickly. They are at a higher risk for fatty liver disease.

Why is my cat overweight?Your cat is likely overweight because he's eating too much food and/or food that contains too many carbohydrates. All dry foods and most wet canned foods are too high in carbohydrates.

Cat weight loss programThis program only works if you take your time.

  1. Take your cat to the vet
  2. Stop free-feeding your cat
  3. Make playtime a routine
  4. Add healthy cat food toppers
  5. Upgrade your cat's treats
  6. Transition to better quality food
  7. Gradually decrease cat food intake

Upgrading your cat's food is important before you start reducing food intake. We need to feed our cats an appropriate natural cat diet first.

Can't I just feed less kibble?No. Dry food is very low in meat-based protein. AKA nutrition that your cat needs. Feeding less kibble will only rob your cat further of the nutrients that he needs. This probably won't lead to weight loss. But it will definitely lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Please go through my cat weight loss program. My digital cat care planners can help you plan and keep track of what's working and what's not working.